Organic Tongkat Capsules - 5000mg 10x Potency Hormone Strength Libido Fertility

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Tongkat Ali(Eurycoma longifolia)
The Malaysian Ginseng 


Tongkat ali's potential to increase testosterone in men with low levels of this primary sex hormone is well known and well documented.

Low testosterone can result from aging, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, some medications, injury or infection of the testicles, and certain diseases, such as chronic alcoholism and obstructive sleep apnea.

Effects of inadequate testosterone levels include low libido, erectile dysfunction, and in some cases, infertility. Since compounds in Tongkat Ali may boost low testosterone, it could treat these issues.

Common Uses: (Please always do additional research)
  • Increase Hormonal Testosterone Levels in Males
  • Increase Male Fertility Levels
  • Reduce Erectile Disfunction in Males
  • Increases Libido in Males
  • May Relieve Stress
  • May Improve Fatigue Symptoms
  • May Improve Body Composition

 Product Specifications

  • 5000mg Equivalent per Capsules = 10:1 Tongkat Extract x 500mg Volume
  • Full Spectrum
  • Capsules Made Fresh to Order
  • Ships Fast & Free


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