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10% Active Ingredient Turkesterone Extract Capsules (Ajuga Turkestanica)
500mg Volume per Capsule
100% Vegetarian, NON-GMO
High Potency
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Turkesterone is considered an ecdysteroid which is a hormonal that some compare to testosterone due to the potential to induce growth, however unlike testosterone, ecdysteroids do not stick to androgen receptors and do not cause any of the negative side effects we often associate with steroids including things like gyno, hair loss, and lethargy. Turkesterone shows promise as being one of the most if not the most anabolic out of all the ecysteroids.

Turkesterone can increase muscle growth, improved muscle repair, and muscle protein synthesis. Turkesterone works by optimizing the mRNA translation process and supporting leucine uptake to our muscle cells.